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Businesses can be online for years with a website before the day finally comes when they realise they need search engine optimisation work done to give their business real exposure online.

Facts are, if your website isn’t visible in search engines such as Google and Bing when your potential clients or customers type their searches that relate (and are commercially valuable) to your business into the search engines, your business is losing out – massively.

Let’s say for example that you’re in the business of Property Management, and you are marketing to the Noosa area. The potential business generated on the internet for Property Management agencies in Noosa (and there are a lot of them), would very likely begin with your prospective client typing the words “property management noosa” into Google.

If your organic business listing isn’t prominent when your prospective client types in their search phrase (our ‘keywords’) into the search engine, your prospective client is going to be beginning their conversation with your competitor.

Many businesses don’t rank in search engines AT ALL when their prospective clients type what should be *their* keywords into search engines – let alone on the first page. Given search engines are THE best source of “free”, QUALIFIED web traffic; and where more and more successful transactions and referrals are beginning, it only makes sense to invest in professional search engine optimisation.

If your business isn’t ranking in the search engines for the commercially valuable customer search terms that relate to your market, things don’t need to stay as they are…

…with some intelligent web development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion optimisation it is possible to transform your business’s web presence from a dormant online business card to a prospect and sales generating machine!

What does SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) really involve?

SEO involves a number of things. And the result achieved by different SEO services will of course differ according to their individual approaches. There are certain main-stay strategies for increasing a business’s visibility in the search engines that most SEO companies will implement.

The common ones are what is known as on-page SEO strategies – that is, among other things ensuring that your keywords appear amongst the text in relevant ways on your website. It also matters how these various keywords are used in web page and post titles and page descriptions – this is what’s know as meta data.

It’s commonly believed that these few things described above are the sum total of what SEO is. This is a LONG way from the truth. And if SEO was something that someone running business could do successfully (on top of running a successful business), every business owner would be doing their own SEO.

It is true that these commonly known SEO strategies can yield some improvement to your website’s search engine rankings, but they’ll likely be very temporary, and will unlikely increase a business’s annual activity or profit in any significant way.

The truth is, a professional, well-executed SEO strategy will involve a long list of things. At SEO Noosa, we always start at the foundations – your website. We analyse your website and look carefully at the what search engines see. Once we’ve assessed your website structure and coding, we look at both what and how things are written on your website.

This isn’t just for the purpose of ‘SEO tricks’ around keywords, and keyword density, this to see if your site will actually convert… turn visitors into fans, into prospects, into profits. We look at things such as layout, positioning of images, optimisation of images, calls to actions, placement of these various elements – the WHOLE picture.

We take a look at your entire online sales funnel. And if there isn’t one, we work with you in designing one (or several) – specifically for your business. Our web development process is fun, fresh and gets results.

Not only are we here to get you more (and better looking) search engine visibility (more web traffic), we make sure you are in the position to leverage and capitalise on the new waves of traffic that come once we optimise both your website, and entire online sales funnel!

We also set you up so your business can be prominent in Social Media without you or any of your staff being chained to their computer. Google themselves have openly announced that Social Media engagement now plays a significant role in a business’s visibility and prominence in the search engines.

Even if Social Media had no influence on our business’s search engine ranking, the fact remains that is that has become the people’s voice – and the voice of the market when it comes to consumer products and services of all kinds.

Social Media is changing the way these products and services find, reach and connect with their customers, changing how a lot of products and services are perceived in the marketplace, and the way products and services are being delivered. Social Media is more and more displacing the old way business use to market their products and services.

Today’s buyers are different. They see through the hype and BS – they’re after straight answers and social proof that a product or service is worthy of their attention, time and money. The old way of hammering out propaganda and hype is all but dead.

The new way, combined with some good old strong design, layout and imaging (which will never go away or lose it’s impact) can turn what was once just-a-website into a multi channel, value adding, fan getting (viral) prospect and profit generating machine.

That’s what we’re about. We’re different. Have a talk to us.

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Sunday, February 18, 5:10 pm

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