Multiple Organic Search Engine Listings

Professional Directory Submissions Service

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) done the right way will see your website or business blog amass multiple organic search engine listings over time.

At SEO Noosa, among other techniques and strategies, we use what is known in SEO as Directory Submissions as means to acquire multiple organic search engine listings for your business.

Links from ‘bad neighbourhoods’ on the web, or links from what-are-known-as ‘Link Farms’ to your website can do your website more halm than good.

On the other hand, being listed on the top, reputable and relevant online business directories can do your website, and your business a lot of good – the exposure that a professional directory submissions service can yield for your business can make a real difference.

Our directory submission service will ensure that your business amasses multiple organic search engine listings over time to ensure your success and prominence in the search engines is sure and lasting.

Google Site Map Submission

Google site map submission is an integral part of ensuring your website accrues multiple organic search engine listings.

SEO Noosa will correctly format and submit your Google sitemap for you to ensure that Google, Bing etc. are able to easily crawl and index all the parts of your website we want made visible in the search engines.

This will also give us important data concerning the ‘health’ of your website from a search engine perspective and allow us to identify and respond to any problems quickly and accurately in the event they do occur.


It is no good us performing directory submissions and site map submissions if we aren’t able to measure the impact this, or any of the other ongoing SEO work we do, has on your website. Analytics will help us measure the success and/or failings of our overall web marketing efforts.

Although many business owners do have some knowledge of Analytics, interpreting Analytics data and being able to respond to that data in a way that propels your website and business towards it’s overall goals is another thing.

We help you extract the data you need, warn you of any potential problems and help you achieve your goals and targets with Analytics.


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Sunday, February 18, 5:10 pm

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