SEO Trends 2012 – It’s All About Social

I’m linking below to a recently published article outlining SEO trends for 2012.

The excerpt I’ve included in this post is the third of four predicted SEO trends listed in the article highlighting the importance of social in search from here on in – something we too agree is important here at SEO Noosa.

Of course the ‘underground’ Internet marketing gurus have been preaching on this for over 12 months now. It’s interesting to see the mainstream, corporate take on it all though…

It’s All About Social

No discussion of social in 2012 will be complete without Google+. You need a strategy there. Google is forcing that need upon you! And while it appears the Google+ dial has been turned down slightly in SERPs over the last few weeks, there’s no reason to think it’s going away.

There’s a troubling subcurrent to this whole polemic. When Google announced that search queries for logged-in users would not be passed to analytics (but would be passed to AdWords advertisers), it assured the web community that only a small percentage of queries would be affected.

However, as Google+ adoption increases, and more users with accounts perform searches while logged in, that number will continue to rise. Could there be a time when 50 percent or more of search queries are “not provided”? Absolutely.

While changes like this absolutely make SEO more difficult, they also push the door ever slightly wider to new competitors. Look for Bing to continue to creep upwards in market share, although it won’t be through the partnership with Yahoo.

If anything, all that partnership has done is marginalize Yahoo search. Bing will have to grab market share on the merits of its search experience, and even more importantly, through marketing.

Since you can’t fight the importance of Google+ to SEO, you might as well embrace it. The good news is there are already cool things you can do to integrate Google+ with your search campaigns, such as implementing “social extensions” to connect your AdWords accounts with a Google+ brand page.

SEOs without a Google+ strategy will be left behind. Get after it.

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Feel to share your thoughts on the 4 SEO trends to watch in 2012 below…


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