Developing Strong Sales Funnels

We’re not just about the techy stuff. That’s only the beginning.

“We’re about turning your website into a tireless salesperson that works for you 24 hours aday, 7 days a week – turning your website visitors into serious prospects or on-the-spot profit….”

This can only happen when you have strong sales funnels firmly in place.

Strong sales funnels give your website a highly-prized new function – the function of being a specialised lead generation website.

We can help you develop strong sales funnels so you can begin…

  • qualifying your web traffic,
  • giving your vistors the information they really need,
  • then selling them products and services they ultimately want.

Here it is put another way…

  • you qualified them,
  • provided valuable information (*directly* responding to their need),
  • educated your visitor (brought them closer to an action/decision)
  • and because of this, you ‘earned the right’ to offer them an on-target answer to their particular problem.
In doing this we increase our ‘visitor value’.

Visitor value example: If on average it takes 100 visitors for our website to make $50 profit, our average visitor value would be 50 cents.

If we did nothing more to increase the number of visitors to our website but optimised our sales funnel (say by changing the wording on one of our main calls to action and including a well-placed testimonial) and found we were now making $70 profit per hundred visitors, our visitor value is now increased to 70 cents per vistor.

Now if our site was getting 1000 vistors per week, by optimising our sales funnel in this way, in this instance, we will have just increased our website’s profit by $200/week – that’s an extra $10,400/year (this without increasing our traffic) – this why optimising our sales funnel and working on our sales conversion rates is so important. Equally important as increasing web traffic with SEO.


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Sunday, February 18, 5:10 pm

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