Get Cheaper Traffic From Google Adwords

Anyone who has ever tried pay per click advertising is looking to get cheaper traffic from Google Adwords.

There are a long list of things influencing the per-click price we pay to drive Google search traffic to a page on our website using Google Adwords.

To name a few there is…

  • Google’s Quality Score – this pertains to the page your ad actually links to and the quality of the site overall that the ad is linking too.
  • Ad Relevance – is the ad copy relevant to the ‘landing page’?  (The ‘Landing page‘ is the page the ad links directly to).
  • Keyword Relevance – does Google see the keywords you have chosen to trigger your ads in Search relevant to the page your ad ‘lands’ on within your site.

These are just some of  things that effect the amount we will pay per click in Google Adwords.

Aside from these types of variables, there are a vast number of settings in the ‘dashboard’ of Adwords that also significantly effect the amount we pay per click.

If you’re looking to get cheaper traffic from Google Adwords, talk to us.

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Sunday, February 18, 5:12 pm

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