Get More Traffic With Google Adwords

Dean Kendall, creator and founder of SEO Noosa, has been running and managing profitable Adwords campaigns for business since 2001.

If you are looking to get more traffic with Google Adwords be sure to make contact.

Adwords is very specialised and requires some specific checks in the set-up to ensure you attract targeted (qualified) traffic to your site that in-turn produces genuine enquiry and the actions you’re aiming to get your visitors to take.

SEO Noosa can check and manage your Adwords account for you as part of the overall web marketing services we extend to you.

We manage many of our client’s Adwords accounts – the goal: Maximum volume of targeted LEADS, and in-turn SALES, for your allowed budget. We carefully track, and help you track so we can always be improving. Traffic volume (numbers) aren’t enough – our focus: maximum return on your investment.

Although Adwords is excellent for “instant” traffic numbers, and finding out which keywords and ads convert for you, the most sustainable and often by-far best return-on-investment in the medium and long term for most businesses is Social Media (done the right way of course), and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) using the data gathered in running Adwords successfully.

Get cheaper traffic from Google Adwords





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Sunday, February 18, 5:12 pm

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