How To Capture Leads From Your Website

How To Capture Leads From Your Website (mp3)

If you’re looking at how to capture leads from your website, this web page will help you make a start today.

There are a myriad of complicated and expensive solutions out there for capturing leads from a website. We’ve tested a long list of solutions over the past decade.

Below is a list of the most important things to take into account when you are looking capturing leads on your website…

7 IMPORTANT things to consider when looking at how to capture leads from a website…

  • Simple (non-techy) form creation system – an interface that anyone can use to create a fully-customised lead capture form with custom fields.
  • A system for creating personalised automated email follow up (Auto Responders) – so that we can follow up our subscribers (on autopilot), adding value, educating, then calling them to action (asking them for the sale). Sales and profits increase DRAMATICALLY when we’re able to capture our visitor’s email address and follow up with them. Sales made from first visits to websites are VERY low – hence the reason for us to capture email addresses on our website and automatically trigger email follow up.
  • Email Deliverability Rates (of 99%+) – we want to use an email marketing system that has long-standing relationships with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) – this so that our email marketing campaigns won’t be blocked by your prospects strong anti-spam filters put in place by the various Internet Service Providers.
  • Spam Compliance – so our subscribers can easily opt out from receiving email from us by clicking a link that automatically appears at the bottom of our emails. We want to use a system that ensures our email addresses remain in the ISPs good books. Our email addresses are much less likely to be flagged by receivers as spam (blacklisted) when we use a spam compliant system.
  • Ability to easily send email broadcasts to specific ‘lists’ inside our list of subscribers – for example, we may just like to send an email broadcast to those subscribers who have already purchased something form us. Which brings us to…
  • Ability to easily separate lists – this really helps when we are tracking the responsiveness of certain lists.
  • Ability to easily track data such as – email open rates, email delivery rates and complaints if any.

Having tested a long list of lead capture and email marketing solutions over 10 years. The one we use ourselves, and recommend to our clients is Aweber

If you are a client of SEO Noosa, we’re able set everything up and manage your email campaigns for you inside your Aweber account if you’d like (additional fees may apply), however, Aweber is also simple enough for you to use and manage yourself.

If you are looking at how to capture leads from your website, Aweber comes highly recommended. Their website is easy to follow and understand, their support is prompt, and you can be up and running, capturing leads on your website very quickly…

Visit Aweber for more info – $1 trial available…


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