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What is SEO? | By Dean Kendall

It’s unfortunate but when SEO is explained properly, people’s eyes generally begin glazing over after about the second or third word of the explanation.

But SEO is just too important to businesses for us to give up trying to summarise what it is, and what it can do for a business that has a love for their customers, robust sales funnels and staff who know how to sell.

Here is the SEO Noosa explanation of SEO…

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about your business slowly collecting prominent listings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), organically (so not referring to Paid/Sponsored Links/Positions) for specific keywords (that’s words/phrases your potential customers type into Google) that we together per-determine to be of commercial value to your business.

The amount of business owners that are still relying on a website that is no-more effective than the business card that’s been sitting in their wallet for six months is staggering. Online business card websites don’t work anymore. In fact, they never really did.

The amount of money that is being ‘left on the table’ so-to-speak by local business due to them not having their web site designed properly, or search engine optimised is just as staggering.

‘Search Engine Real Estate’ Is Still The Cheapest Real Estate In The World

And if you do make it to page 1 of Google for a good number of valuable search terms relating to your business, and your website (and staff) are able to convert visitors into fans and enquiry – sales and profits should in-theory follow.

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